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Outrank/ (“Company”) can’t advise on, enforce, or guarantee any compliance. It is up to users (“Customer”) to ensure compliance, which may include but is not limited to governmental, commercial, private, industry-specific compliance, etc.

Company is not responsible for the quality, functionality, or compatibility of third party tools, software, scripts, assets, videos, content, media, etc. or how those assets may affect Customer’s website or other online profiles/entities.Company does not warranty or guarantee any functionality or compatibility of any plugins or third party code or integrations. Future versions of third party items are unavoidable. Company may use subcontracting to better expedite aspects of fulfillment. Maintenance updates are not included unless purchased separately.

Customer acknowledges that Company has no control over search engine policies, algorithms or changes to search engine policies or algorithms. Company’s fulfillment is not guaranteed to be in accordance with any search engine policies now or at any other time. At any time Customer’s website may lose rankings or be excluded from any search engine.